Evora Culinary - Evora Consulting Services
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Our Services

Evora Consulting Services 
We are a noted Southern California company with worldwide experience and contacts throughout the culinary industry. All members of the Evora Consulting Services management team collaborate to build our growing culture. We encourage our employees to enhance their knowledge and skills within the food and beverage industry through training and mentorship. In our years of experience, we have learned that to be the leaders in our field, we must keep our promise to ensure the quality of our work supporting both nutrition and education.

Evora Consulting Services brings a wealth of experience creating healthy food and beverage programs to diverse markets. We consult with architectural and construction professionals throughout all phases of design/build processes. We implement full scale kitchen concepts, development and operations. We are experts in identifying a strategic plan for traffic flow and outlining space requirements and equipment needed within budgets. Our kitchen design portfolio includes a collection of schools, restaurants, five-star resorts, corporate kitchens and country clubs.

Public service and volunteerism are core values of our company. Employees who work together in service get to know one another beyond the typical scope of work. Evora Consulting Services is honored to be a part of the local community and has partnered with many different charitable organizations.

Evora Consulting Services employs creative and skilled professional chefs, loyal and well-trained staff. Our team is supported by seasoned branding and marketing experts, and a top public relations and social media team. We maintain close working relationships with reliable food farmers and ranchers. Our program is designed by chefs and nutrition professionals within the community, with close attention to environmental concerns, specifically buying only reputable and sustainable products. We continue to grow our deep knowledge of the culture and history of food, including how crops and climate have influenced the development of regional civilizations. Our goals are aligned with the highest environmental, health and safety standards across our company’s brands.