Evora Culinary - Our Story
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Our Story

At Evora Culinary Solutions, we are committed to meeting your ongoing culinary needs with quality and flexibility while building a community and supporting wellness.

Our mission builds on our innovative energies, recognizing the importance of community first and foremost. Food is an essential part of building community, whether it’s in the home, school, office, or in celebration of life’s occasions at any age.

Quality is in the execution. We have more than 100+ years of combined experience creating and executing memorable moments and lasting concepts for diverse markets, from hotels and restaurants to cruise ships and large corporations.

Our team collaborates to provide innovative, fresh ideas and solutions to meet your needs, being mindful that flexibility is the key ingredient in our collective new normal.

bowl of soup

Expert Culinary Leader

Chef Azmin Ghahreman brings a wealth of culinary expertise to all he does. Born in Iran, raised in Europe, with culinary degrees from top European and Californian academies, Chef Azmin has lived and worked all over the globe, immersing himself in the food and culture of every continent. In addition to serving as Executive Chef at leading international hotels, he has designed and operated restaurants and created culinary solutions for hotels, cruise ships, clubs, schools, and businesses throughout the United States.

Chef Azmin’s comprehensive understanding of authentic cultural cooking is unique: his inter-cultural perspective combined with his driving passion and respect for people distinguish his work in the culinary world. He touches the lives of people in the community with heart and dedication to his mission. He is known for saying, “the sky is not the limit.”

Nutrition Advisory Board™

In keeping with his commitment to providing meals that nourish a community with dedication to quality, Chef Azmin has created a Nutrition Advisory Board to keep wellness and the well-being of the community at the forefront of our work. The Nutrition Advisory Board is comprised of Chefs, Dietitians, Physicians, Academic Administrators and Community leaders to provide collective, evidenced-based insight to the constant evolution of the food service program we offer.

Our Team

Our team members bring energy, experience, and dedication to our mission. We love making food that tastes good and that is good for you. All of our meals are chef-prepared: made in-house in small batches. We purchase ingredients free of preservatives and hormones, with attention to fresh, locally sourced, sustainably grown produce. We believe balance is at the heart of healthy menu planning. We are well-versed in creating menus for a wide variety of dietary needs, including vegetarian, low-sodium, carbohydrate-controlled, heart-healthy, and others.
*Disclaimer: You should always consult with your physician regarding your specific dietary needs.